About King's Women in Law

Founded this year, King’s Women in Law is a community for students to celebrate women and their accomplishments in all areas of law. We aim to address the issues surrounding career progression that are unique to women in the legal sector. Moreover, we aim to contribute to the discussion on gender equality, employment law regulation, and progress toward gender, ethnic, and background diversity.

KWIL Mother Daughter Network

The KWIL Mother Daughter Network is the foundation of the supportive community we aim to foster. It consists of King’s Law women alumni who act as mentors for women currently studying law at King’s. We recognise that each relationship is unique and plan events to provide opportunities for the KWIL Mother Daughter Network to support each other in our life ambition.

We Want You to Get Involved: If you feel that you can connect to our cause, would like to contribute, or have any ideas you would like to be considered, please get in touch here. We are always looking for new connections.

Upcoming Events:

Feminist Legal Theory 101- 16/11/17

Afternoon Tea with Slaughter and May - 1/12/17

Freshfields Workshop - January 2018

You can find our more about our events on the KWIL Facebook page.

Buying KWIL Membership

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Please type £5.00 in the paypal.me page. The membership fee will go towards funding the society’s events and activities.

Members will be able to gain access to the Mother Daughter Network and be prioritised for events, such as gaining exclusive access to Afternoon Tea with Slaughter and May’s Women’s Network.


taylor katherine wong

Taylor Katherine Wong is a third year Politics, Philosophy, and Law LLB student from Toronto, Canada. As founder of King's Women in Law, Taylor was inspired by the accomplishments of women in the legal profession and the unique challenges they have had to overcome. 


joanna griffin

Joanna Griffin is a second year Law LLB student from Wales. Over the past year, Joanna has took part in volunteer schemes across the world and it was this experience that highlighted to her the tremendous importance of feminism, especially as a young woman travelling alone. For Joanna, the importance of KWIL is giving you the confidence to go forward in your chosen career.

P2130145 copy.jpg

Isabella Crossfield

Isabella Crossfield is a second year Philosophy student from Liverpool, England. Isabella is passionate about gender equality and recognises that a career in law can be achieved from many different backgrounds and degrees. As the Non-Law Representative for King's Women in Law, Isabella aims to look beyond conventional routes in to law and promote gender, ethnic and background diversity.


gal .jpg

Hyewon Kim 

Hyewon Kim is a second year LLB student and Treasurer of KWIL. Having grown up in South Korea, California and Louisiana, Hyewon brings a diverse and international outlook to everything she does. Having witnessed varying degrees of gender inequality within multiple jurisdictions, Hyewon hopes to propel KWIL’s mission statement to raise awareness of this issue within the student community. As Treasurer, she secures funding for the society, keeps track of student memberships and handles the budget for events. Hyewon hopes to qualify as a solicitor in a City law firm. She is particularly interested in corporate and banking law. In her spare time, Hyewon likes to play golf, surf, do yoga and cook with her friends.

         Sarojah Sathivelu  

         Sarojah Sathivelu  

Sarojah Sathivelu is a 2nd year law student from Malaysia. Due to her family's excessive country-hopping, the result of both her father's job and a family-shared love for travel, she has had the privilege of growing up both in the Netherlands and Singapore. She is an avid reader and writer, and is always eager to improve her written work on whatever platform available. For fictional works she has a yearly tradition of submitting short stories to the Commonwealth Young Writer's Competitions, and has upon some submissions has been awarded bronze prizes. Sarojah also enjoys the challenge of non-fiction and journalistic writing, and has done several projects for Malaysian English language newspapers. As for her law-related hobbies, Sarojah enjoys mooting and in December 2016 she won first place in the KCL 5PB Criminal Law Moot. She believes there can never be too many women involved in advocacy and is determined to use the KWIL platform to garner increased enthusiasm for mooting and to introduce young law students to real, awesome women advocates.

eliska ludvova

Eliska Ludvova is a second year law student from Zilina, Slovakia. Eliska's commitment to KWIL stems from her conviction that everyone, regardless of their background or gender, should be given equal opportunities and support to achieve their goals.



Katharina Rogozina is a second year Law LLB student from Berlin, Germany. Katharine recognised that one of the major issues within the legal profession is that it has been historically dominated by men, leaving little room for women. For Katharina, KWIL symbolises the much-needed change towards diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Ann Sovereign .jpg

Ann Elizabeth Sovereign

Ann Elizabeth Sovereign is a second year law student from Nashville, Tennessee. Having noticed how large of a gap still exists in women’s representation in professional fields at all levels, she was inspired to join KWIL to help give a platform to King’s students who are passionate about gender equity in the legal field. For her, KWIL represents a new generation of lawyers who are dedicated to affecting change in gender balance.'

Rachel Lowe.jpg

Rachel low 

Rachel is a penultimate year LLB student from Singapore. As Secretary of KWIL, Rachel is responsible for administrative matters. She assists the other committee members in performing their tasks too. Growing up with three sisters has developed Rachel's interest in gender issues. In her first year, she was in the KCL Lions Cheerleading Team. She enjoys meeting people from all backgrounds and has a positive outlook to everything she does. She actively encourages all students to get involved with KWIL.


sarah kwil.jpg

Sarah Tillmann

Sarah Tillmann is a first year English Law and German LLB student. She was inspired to join KWIL, because she believes in raising awareness amongst her peers regarding gender equality and diversity in the legal profession. As First Year Ambassador, Sarah acts as an essential link between the committee of the society and first year Law students.