About the Firm

Every successful venture needs to grow, strengthen and defend its business.

Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, telecoms or manufacturing, you’ll be expanding your operation, consolidating your position and determining where to go next.

That’s why our services deliver against these fundamental needs.

Grow: transactional services

From incorporations to listings, acquisitions to expansions, fundraising to global investments, our teams have carried out some of the world’s most groundbreaking transactions in recent years.

The regulatory and risk management skills we bring to the table have boosted the success of those deals. So the more intricate and important your challenge, the more you should be talking to us.

Strengthen: regulatory services

Whatever regulatory issue you face – antitrust, corruption, consumer protection, tax, IP or employment – we’ll help you comply today and compete tomorrow.

With our unique success in appealing regulator decisions, we look beyond simple compliance to help you identify opportunities and capitalise on them.

Defend: risk services

Whether you’re facing an immediate challenge or want to protect your business in the future, we handle contentious issues in a way that protects your corporate reputation.

With experience in multijurisdictional litigation, international arbitration, global investigations, and managing political, consumer and product risk, we’re the only firm in the world that’s ranked top for litigation, arbitration, competition and investigations.

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