Voting in the KCLLS 2019 Committee Election is now closed. Results are as follows:

President // Petrina Nomikou (73.9% – elected); No Preference (26.1%)

Vice-President // Kat Yeung (65.7% – elected); Spencer Gomes (21.4%); No Preference (12.9%)

Careers Officer // Divya Deivanayagam (76.0% – elected); No Preference (24.0%)

Administrative Officer // Lal Ayral (62.5% – elected); No Preference (37.5%)

Communications Officer // Lucas Forbes (47.0% – elected); Ivan Ivanov (22.4%); Christian Balderstone (10.0%); No Preference (20.6%)

Treasurer // James Yang (62.3% – elected); Lin Derz (7.9%); No Preference (29.8%)

Socials Officer // Christian Sintoni (43.3% – elected); Ryan Low (31.4%); No Preference (25.3%)

Competitions Officer // Melanie Amaya Mazza (34.8% – elected); Andrei Obreja (19.0%); Arina Naumova (14.0%); No Preference (32.2%)

Debates Officer // Saba Nasrolahi (27.7% – elected); Sandli Pandey (25.3%); Rusat Ramgopal (20.9%); No Preference (26.4%)

Who can vote in this election?

  • All undergraduate law students of KCL

  • All postgraduate law students of KCL

  • All KCL law students studying under the ERASMUS program

  • All other KCL Law Society members

Candidates Running for 2019-20 Executive Committee Positions

The candidates running for positions on the incoming executive committee are as follows:

President: Petrina Nomikou
Vice President: Spencer Gomes; Kat Yeung
Careers Officer: Divya Deivanayagam
Communications Officer: Ivan Ivanov; Christian Balderstone; Lucas Forbes
Administrative Officer: Lal Ayral
Treasurer: Lin Derz; James Yang
Social Officer: Christian Sintoni; Ryan Low
Competitions Officer: Melanie Amaya Mazza; Arina Naumova; Andrei Obreja
Debates Officer: Rusat Ramgopal; Sandli Pandey; Saba Nasrolahi

Attend candidate hustings on Monday 11 March from 18:00 in Bush House (S) 1.01 Lecture Theatre 1 – register here.

Elections Guide

If you are interested in running for a position on the KCL Law Society Executive Committee for the upcoming year, download the Elections Kit here. This includes:

Application and election process:

In order to stand in the KCLLS elections you must fill in a short application which will be reviewed by members of the committee. The members of the committee who are seeking election will not participate in the review process.

The committee will put a maximum of three people per role forward to the nomination stage. You must then collect 50 signatures to secure your nomination. Once you have collected these you must scan and email the completed Nomination Form to by 12:00 on 01/03/19. Successful candidates will be notified on 03/03/19.

Step 1: Submit an application

The short application will be reviewed by the committee and a maximum of three people will be shortlisted for the nomination stage. Once you have completed your application you must send it to by 08/02/19.

Who can apply? KCLLS Constitution s 6.1. – “Any full member of the Society shall be eligible for election to any position on the executive committee.”

Step 2: Submit your nomination:

Once you become eligible for nomination you need to collect 50 signatures to secure the nomination. Once you have collected these you must scan and email the completed Nomination Form to by 12:00 on 01/03/19

On 03/03/19, once all signatures have been verified, we will release an Official Candidates List on our website and our Facebook page.

Step 3: Campaign

The campaign period will start 08/03/19 at 12:00 and end when voting ends, i.e. 12:00 on 16/03/19

No candidate is permitted to spend in excess of £50 for his or her campaign. All campaign finances must be made public on the candidate’s Facebook page or website or be publicly accessible.

Please consult Section 7 of the KCL Law Society Constitution for electoral regulations.

Step 4: General Assembly (Voting Begins)

You must make a 2-minute presentation on 11/03/19 at our Annual KCL Law Society General Assembly. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with the current Committee and Law Society members to relay your vision for the future.

Voting (online) will commence at 22:00 the same day.

Step 5: Voting Period

Online voting will take place between 22:00 on 11/03/19 and 12:00 on 16/03/19  

Who can vote? KCLLS Constitution s 7.1. – “All undergraduate students of the law school, postgraduate students of the law school, students currently studying under the ERASMUS program of the law school and all other Society members are eligible to vote and have one vote each.”

Step 6: Announcement of results

Election results will be announced at our Annual Law Ball on 16/03/19

You can download the entire Elections Kit here.

KCLLS Constitution

Our constitution outlines the aims and objectives of KCLLS, as well as governing the functioning of the Society's Executive Committee. The standards and procedures outlined aim to clarify what members can expect from their Law Society, whilst ensuring that the high standards of KCLLS are maintained. Download It Here.