Keep Calm Talk Law

Keep Calm Talk Law ( is an online law journal written by students for students. It is searching for new writers: enthusiastic aspiring lawyers who want to take advantage of the platform and an opportunity to have their voices heard.

In particular, KCTL is looking for new regular writers, the lifeblood of its operation, and will also accept contributions from guest writers.

Throughout its time in operation, KCTL has published 508 articles and, at its peak, was drawing in just under 100,000 readers. Its writers have used their experience with the journal – particularly the way in which it has developed their awareness of commercial current affairs – to secure Training Contracts at a number of major firms, including Magic Circle, Silver Circle and large US outfits. As well as that, two writers have – as a direct result of their writing for KCTL – had articles published in The Guardian. 

And, with law very much at the centre of life thanks to topics such as Brexit, tribunal fees, prison reform and even the changing shape of the US Supreme Court, the journal is recruiting new team members to ensure there is a place for accessible, informed and engaging discussions about the law from younger members of the legal community.

A regular writer would be expected to submit one article a month – of maximum 2,000 words in length – on a contemporary legal issue. Guest writers can submit a piece of similar length on a one-time or occasional basis.

Both groups of writers are provided with unrivalled editorial support: each article receives on average two hours of editing work from three separate editors, one of whom will be a subject specialist. Furthermore, writing with KCTL can help consolidate the work put in for your law degree by allowing you to research and develop further your ideas on a supervision/seminar topic, be used on your applications for training contracts and an excellent way to help develop your ability to write and explore topics. 

More details on this excellent opportunity can be found on the KCTL website.